Also PKB Artists to Make Use Cadre Campaign Jokowi-JK

National Awakening Party ( PKB ) participated deploy cadres who works as an artist to garner support for partner - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla in the presidential election of 2014. These artists deliberately deployed because they can add voice support for the couple .

Deputy Secretary General of the PKB Abdul Malik Haramain explained , a series of artists who were deployed to support Jokowi - JK is Krisna Mukti , Iyeth Bustomi , Gita KDI , Arzeti Bilbina , and Tommy Kurniawan . These artists will be able to move along the national winning team or individual runs .

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" This is important because artists have popularity , is known . Artist is the main attraction , " said Malik when contacted on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

Malik continued , Jokowi- JK has the advantage of being supported by many volunteer organizations . Thus , the position of the artist will affirm the strength of the supporting Jokowi - JK .

In principle , he added , the winning team Jokowi - JK seeks to move the community to be involved in garnering support . In this section , the winning team only needs to mengoordinasikannya that people who support the movement became more organized .

" The good news is that not only supporters of the party , but is autonomous , there is support from the community . ‘s What makes JK Jokowi different from the other candidate , " he said .

Previously , the PDI-P politician said Eva Kusuma Sundari , a number of other artists will also declare themselves in favor of Jokowi - JK . Artist he was referring to Banyu Biru , Astrid Tiar , Kiyani , and Taio Cruz .

" These artists read from their culture strategy , they ( the artist ) has followers , " he said .


JCI Closed Session I Weakens 0.2 Percent

The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) closed lower on earlier this week, Monday (26/05/2014). Investors anticipate the number of days off this week, with no transactions on the trading floor.

Shortly after opening, the index rose up to 4986.08. But at 12.00, JCI closed down 10.39 points or 0.2 percent at 4962.66. A total of 106 stocks advanced, 138 stocks fell and 89 shares stagnant. Trading volume reached 2.89 billion shares worth Rp 2.49 lot trillion.

Stocks that provide the biggest turnover for shareholders is TLKM (USD 2,570), MPPA (USD 2,995), HRUM (USD 2,540), the INDF (USD 6,750), and ELSA (USD 500).

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Meanwhile, stocks that provide the biggest negative turnover is BBRI (Rp 10,650), BMRI (Rp 10,250), ASII (USD 7,425), PGAS (USD 5,700) and MAPI (USD 5,000).


Wow, NASA Making Earth mosaic of photos Selfie

The phenomenon selfie or photograph themselves without the help of others more widespread , even this fenomenan spread to one of the world’s biggest space agency NASA . Inspired by Earth Day , NASA launched a social media campaign with the hastag ” where on earth are you today ” .
In a campaign that NASA flooded by millions of photos from 100 countries , which diguakan by NASA to create a mosaic of the earth .
Mosaic image was created using the 36 422 individual photos from various social media platforms , from Twitter , Facebook to Instagram .

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All of the above using the hastag will be detected . ” The goal is to use every pixel in the image as the Global Selfie creation , image mosaic that will look like the Earth in outer space as a form of celebration on Earth Day , ” said NASA .
" From Antarctica to Yemen , Greenland Guatemala , Micronesia to the Maldives , Pakistan , Poland , Peru - and many other countries are obeying this campaign , " as reported by the NASA menambahbahkan on Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .


Raids “Software”, at Juanda Airport Passenger Laptops Ransacked

Socialization and education continue to be anti- government pirated software . This time , done to all passenger aircraft in Surabaya Juanda International Airport carrying electronic equipment such as laptops voluntarily .

Examination of the laptop passenger voluntarily conducted by a number of joint officers of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights , Kemenkumham , and officer of PT Angkasapura I Juanda .

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The joint team working from today , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) in the terminal I, and Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) tomorrow at terminal II Juanda International Airport Surabaya , in the domestic and international departure terminal .

" We did not have the authority to give the action , in this case , we only examine the software , and remind passengers of the dangers of pirated software , " said Director of Investigation Directorate General of IPR , Kemenkumham , Tosin Junansyah .

The location of the airport is considered as the exact location , because in addition to being the center of population mobility , as well as business centers and activities . ” Previously we had also done at Soekarno Hatta Airport , then we choose to do in Makassar and Medan , ” he added .

Inspection is part of the campaign ” Indonesia Refuses Counterfeit and Piracy ” , so that people become more aware personally of the importance of respect for intellectual property rights , especially copyright on computer software .

" This event is also an answer related to the persistence of the negative stigma that says that many pirated counterfeit goods entering freely into Indonesia , " said Tosin .


Wind Positive Start Coalition Sambangi Stock Market

Map powers candidates who the vice president ( vice president ) of the presidential candidates (candidates ) either Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Prabowo is still a question mark . But running mate Prabowo has been pushed to the Hatta Rajasa although there has been no official declaration .

Capital market seems to only want to know the concepts are clear of the political power map that will affect the movement of the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) and the rupiah .

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Asjaya Indosurya Securities Research Department , William Suryawijaya , said it is important for a country to give a clear concept of government and cooperative relations between countries . However , the effect of the clarity of the political map , it will be a good impact though is temporary and not great .

" Good to the exchange rate and to JCI , while the larger effect is due for a safe and conducive situation , it is going to push , " he told Okezone in Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

William added , despite the obvious candidate , but it would not look like what the concept is , it should have been more important . ” Because anyone who serves the public should have a decent pre- selected and must know , so do not pick something that is still seen chasing - its course , ” he stated .

According to him , the presidential candidates have to explain what will be done later , so that people can consider in advance.

" So the real focus is on the concept that good work will be carried out later on , not focus on what and who later were led , focusing on concepts and good relations with other countries , " he said .


Basuki: If Prabowo President, I must So …

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said , if the presidential candidate who carried Gerindra , Prabowo , was elected president in the 2014 presidential election , he ascertained the position of minister .

Basuki claimed he had entrusted a certain position to Prabowo . So , what prompted Basuki office ?

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" If Mr. Prabowo become president , I am definitely a minister . I am to him , the minister dijadiin ( interior minister ) . Ha - ha - ha … , " said Basuki , at City Hall on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

Why is the minister ? The man who was familiarly called Ahok it explains , with the promotion, he could control the use of the local budget (budget ) 33 provinces in Indonesia . Budget controls that would use e - budgeting .

Budgetary control system via e - budgeting has been applied to the city government to oversee the fiscal year 2014 budget .

On the other hand , if Joko Widodo Jakarta governor as a candidate promoted by PDI elected president , he would not be drawn into a minister . Because, according to Basuki , Jokowi want it served as the governor of Jakarta . It was necessary that the coordination between the central government and local governments to run properly .

" I want to be my baseball home minister had dismissed the president and the president agree with me . If set-set , I finished mending the governor alone . Allowance much , " joked Basuki .


Awaits Economy & Unemployment Figures RI in Early 2014

Central Statistics Agency ( BPS ) will announce the amount of Indonesian Economic Growth First Quarter - 2014. In addition to gross domestic product ( GDP ) , there are also macroeconomic data other .

These data include the Business Tendency Index ( ITB ) and the Consumer Tendesi Index ( CTI ) Quarter I - 2014 will be announced today, Monday ( 04/05/2014 ) , at BPS Headquarters , Jakarta . Moreover, the BPS also be announced in February 2014 Employment , Labor Estimation Methodology wearing .

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For your information , the Minister of Finance Chatib Basri said , the government is trying to slow the pace of the Indonesian economy . This is done , in order to overcome the current account deficit .

According to him , if you want to fix the position of the current account deficit now , economic growth must be slowed . The cause slower growth , in part be due also to the policy of Bank Indonesia raised the BI rate at the level of seven percent .

The policy of lowering the investment rate also resulted in a decrease in the number of imports . On the other hand , the government has been exploring all possibilities , and most likely eventually ( soon ) that is one of the PPH Article 25 .


This May, Explore Ujung Kulon area

At the western end of Java there is an attractive location to serve as a tourist destination . Explore Indonesia Indonesia invites the public to know more about Indonesia’s natural wealth in Ujung Kulon , especially Tanjung Dimples .

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Interested in exploring the Cape Dimples ? Just join with the other members of the Explorers Explore Indonesia ! Travel photographer , Barry Kusuma will also accompany Explore Indonesia Ujung Kulon this time with special tips on travel photography in Cape Dimples .

" Explore Indonesia is an activity that combines travel , adventure , and culture in 1 travel package that is easy , fun , and economical . Working closely with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy , Indonesia invites Explore the Explorers to know even more exotic locations tour domestic in Indonesia , "said VP of Brand & Communications AB Sahadev as contained in the press release received by Compass Travel .

There are 5 choice destinations that will be addressed throughout the year 2014. Trip The first is already running in February last with tourist destinations of Yogyakarta . In the month of May to be exact on 15-17 May 2014 , will venture to Explore Indonesia Ujung Kulon area , rather Tanjung Dimples .

There are Ujung Kulon National Park which is a large dictionary of Indonesian natural resources . Located in the western part of Java Island , this national park as well as a final home for the habitat of endangered Javan rhino and a variety of other wildlife .
Explore Indonesia trip this time will take the explorers to get closer to trekking in the National Park ( Island Peucang ) , enjoy the sunset on the beach Bodur , passing through tropical forests along the river Cigenter ( Handeuleum Island ) with a canoe , watching the bull and peacock -free roam the savannah Cidaon Island , and explore the Cape Dimples cycling .
Not to forget also enjoy the culinary riches of a durian ” fallout ” in Duren Jatohan Haji Arif Pandeglang and taste typical dishes of the restaurant Mrs. Entin in Serang . Participants will be charged Rp 2,450,000 per person includes transportation from Jakarta to Ujung Kulon , two nights accommodation , breakfast , lunch , dinner , and bicycle rental .


Three Ingredients Can Replace Flavoring Food Cuisine

COOK is no longer limited to thinking about tasty , but healthy benefits for the body . Some people are reluctant to use food flavoring and replace it with certain materials . What is it?

Most who reject the use of food flavoring ingredients are not healthy for the body votes . This is in contrast to those who faithfully use them , in which the flavoring agent is able to give flavor and aroma to the dish .

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" If you do not want to use food flavoring , many foods that can be used as a replacement . You can use sugar , broth , and spices , " said Indra , Executive Chef of Hotel Ibis Mangga Dua , the Okezone in Jakarta , recently .

The first ingredient is sugar . According to Chef Indra , sugar does have a sweet taste . The taste is able to make food more palatable .

Then , the second ingredient is the broth . For the broth , actually can use all kinds of meat because it can produce savory flavors . In use broth , Chef Indra insists that you make the correct manner .

" Bouillon anyone wear extra vegetables or limited bone , adjust to taste it," he added .

When using vegetables , he added , the broth could not last long as there is gas in the vegetables . It makes a quick broth stale .

Last is the spice of spices . If you do not like flavoring , spices can be a solution , such as cloves , cinnamon , cardamom , and nutmeg .

" The use of spices do too much because he has a pungent smell . Automated , made ​​food will not be good," he concluded .


Education Minister Salam Say Farewell at the National Education Day

Jakarta Governor , Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and his Deputy , Tjahaja Basuki Purnama ( Ahok ) , performed the ceremony at the National Education Day celebrations IRTI Field Monas , Jakarta .

On that occasion , Jokowi that the ceremony and read a message from the Minister of Education and Culture , M Noah .

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"Education is not only the present moment alone , but education is essentially an attempt to humanize humans build a superior civilization , " said Jokowi read out the text of M.Nuh , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

Two fundamental in education among them access to education services with the availability kejangkauan .

" Education showed encouraging results due to an increase in participation at junior level rough numbers , junior , high school , vocational and higher education institutions , " he said .

However, Noah through Jokowi admitted if more needs to be done to fix the Indonesian education .

" There is still much to be done and done . Less education programs should be reviewed in order to be a useful program , " said Jokowi .

On this occasion also , M Noah notices this year to last year he served as a minister .

" 2014 is the last year undergoing mandate as minister of education and culture . Congratulations national education day . Minister I personally say thank you . Friday, May 2, 2014 . Minister of Education and Culture , Muhammad Nuh , " Jokowi lid .