Join the war in Syria, “Rapper” Germany Got Killed Bomb

A rapper ( rapper ) German Denis Mamadou Cuspert killed a suicide bombing in Syria . It turns out , as news AFP on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , Denis took part in the war in Syria . Owner ‘s stage name Deso ​​Dogg joined the radical group Iraq and Eastern Mediterranean Countries ( ISIL ) . Inside the Jihad group , Denis changed his name to Abu Talha al - Almani .

Note that media shows ISIL other radical groups hostile to the Syrian Al - Nusra Front . The group is linked to al Qaeda . ISIL pages of information obtained from that of Al - Nusra sent two suicide bombings on Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) ISIL territory . The second bomb exploded . Meanwhile , Denis became one of the dead . ” May the souls of Abu Talha al - Almani accepted the Lord , ” so the statement ISIL page .

Meanwhile , Human Rights Watch notes from Syria indicate that the suicide bombing that killed 16 members of ISIL . ” The location of the suicide bombing occurred in Deir Ezzor province near the border with the province of Hasakeh , ” Human Rights Watch said Syrian director Rami Abdel Rahman .

Media search shows that the word ” Al - Almani ” in Arabic means ” German ” . Denis often bears the name of the uploaded video and photos that promote jihad in Syria . In September 2013 , Denis became injured in air strikes Syria .

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Previously , since January 2014 , ISIL warring against Al - Nusra . Al Qaeda leader Ayman al - Zawahiri criticized ISIL to leave Syria back to Iraq .


Samsung : Tizen Users Will Get Support Software

Samsung said that Tizen OS -based device users are very lucky , because they will get full support for their software and hardware .

Reporting from tizenindonesia.blogspot , Samsung wanted a platform that could be shared across all consumer products including cell phones , televisions and even household appliances . And Samsung believes HTML5 is the best answer to the ecosystem of applications and services that shelter . Samsung sees that the Tizen OS is an operating system that is very flaksibel and can be shared across all products of Samsung , including mobile phones , televisions and household appliances . It is delivered by Hong Won - pyo ( President of Samsung’s Media Solution Center - MSC ) , which says that Tizen OS is the future platform suitable for use on all smart devices .

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Hong added that the software is an important component . If you look at Samsung’s R & D structure , in which much more work than a software engineer hardware engineer . Total investment made in R & D software is very large . However , from a consumer perspective there may be an increased space to provide a unique experience . It is then a goal it forced Samsung to OS Tizen software platform to bring innovation in the future .

Most of the workers come from Samsung software different areas - design , in addition to coding and software engineer . In-house , the Samsung has a large data center and recently set up a big data platform for collecting data about user patterns on the Samsung Tizen .


IPB and Unimus Comparative Study to UMM

Within a day, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) received a visit from two campuses. They are the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and the University of Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus). In different places, the group received warmly by the UMM, Thursday (17/04).

The visit was attended by ten people and a range of structural IPB received five officials of the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DPPM) UMM, DPPM in the meeting room. IPB visit is suspected desire to learn about community service and journals made by the lecturer at UMM.

In a press release received by ROL, Saturday (19/4), DPPM staff Setyo Wibowo said Farid Novin, IPB interested in how to manage UMM community service and scientific journals. “Many aspects of management in a nice and attractive DPPM IPB, including IPB curiosity about the workflow execution service based on strengthening cooperation journals and accreditation obtained by various departments at UMM,” Novin said.

Added Novin, DPPM is seeking management journals in each department. It is used as reinforcement majors to achieve and maintain accreditation has been achieved.

Meanwhile, in the meeting room rector, received Unimus Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bambang Widagdo, PR III Dr. Diah Karmiyati, and the ranks of assistant rector. While Unimus led its president, Prof. Dr. Djamaludin Dervish with 18 ranks structural.

"Friendship is part of an effort to ngangsu kaweruh Unimus to a fellow who has been recognized Muhammadiyah receive excellent predicate of BAN PT," said Djamaludin.

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Unimus, said the rector, accreditation of institutions seeking to realize its full potential. To that end, they studied various aspects, such as human resources, administration, planning, student affairs and quality control.


This Muscle Car Latest New York Auto Show

In addition to exhibiting high tech cars that are fuel efficient , the New York Auto Show 2014 also displaying pride mounts Americans : aka muscle car powered cars . In the land of Uncle Sam , gas-guzzling cars that normally is not ashamed to appear in the middle of the trend of green vehicles with low emissions . ( Read : This Luxury Cars exhibited at the New York Auto Show ) .

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Therefore, it seems to have become a liability for the fair organizers in the U.S. automotive muscle car for display variants . In New York Auto Show in 2014 , recorded five manufacturers bring their new muscle car . All five are Dodge , Koenigsegg , Chevrolet , Alfa Romeo , and Ford . ( Read also : Recommend , Newest Sport Car 5 ) .

Dodge seems to be excellent in the exhibit hall , after displaying the latest variant of the Dodge Challenger muscle car of 2015. 2015 Dodge Challenger is equipped with 6.4 -liter V8 engine and can shoot 485 horsepower . Dodge was considered able to reinforce its position as the leader of muscle car market , according to a survey that was favored 16 million Americans . ( See photo : Shown charming 2015 Dodge Challenger at the New York Auto ) .

Although the 2015 Dodge Challenger is not a luxury car , Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis sure this car can compete in the U.S. market premium vehicles . According to him , there are 4.5 million people who are looking for this car . ” Most of the young men , ” he said as quoted from Yahoo! Finance . ( Read : Luxury Car Exhibition Race ) .

Not to be outdone , the Swedish manufacturer , Koenigsegg , muscle car launches Agera R Car for U.S. $ 1.6 million ( approximately USD 18.3 billion ) it has a powerful 1,140 horsepower engine and can accelerate up to 273 miles per hour ! While displaying the latest variant of the Ford Mustang 2015. Shown with bright yellow color , the car 5 thousand cc V8 engine is exhibited at the 86th floor of the Empire State Building building . Two other manufacturers , Alfa Romeo and Chevrolet , respectively carrying the latest Corvette supercar and 4c .

With a powerful engine powerful , these cars are believed to be excellent in the United States . According to senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book , Karl Brauer , American car consumers shrugging off the energy -saving trend digaung - gaungkan many parties . According to him , environmentally friendly technology is stale because it has been too long fairy tale , but never materialized perfectly .


The beauty lies 500 Strands Woven Fabrics in the Museum Field

FIELD museum now has a traditional woven cloth . The museum is named after Sumatra Loom Gallery was unveiled late last month by the OSCE Hatta Rajasa , wife of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa Republic of Indonesia , which is also actively led the Indonesian Weaving Cita associations .

Sumatra Loom Gallery is a window of the showroom for a variety of traditional woven cloth of various regions in Sumatra . Showroom located at Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin No. . 28 , the city of Medan , this becomes a storage area more than 500 strands of woven fabric , including fabric Ulos Batak ( North Sumatra ) , songket Minangkabau ( West Sumatra ) , and Palembang songket ( South Sumatra ) .

According Torang Sitorus ( 35 ) , a lover and collector wastra ( a piece of cloth traditionally made ​​) archipelago from Medan and the initiator of the development of the showroom area of ​​360 square meters , Sumatra Loom Gallery was established in order to co- develop the spirit of revitalization and preservation of traditional woven cloth Sumatra .

" Also, in order to help promote tourism in Sumatra and Medan in particular , " he said .

Torang mention , as an institution , Sumatra Loom had stood since 2013 - the year of commencement of development a special showrooms traditional woven cloth . In addition to the showroom , Sumatra Loom Gallery also features weaving room , library , boutiques , and cafes .

With the various facilities in Sumatra ‘s Loom Gallery , Torang hope that more people who are interested to jointly participate in maintaining traditional cultural heritage wastra Sumatra priceless .

The whole fabric woven stored in Sumatra Loom Gallery is owned Torang Sitorus , born of personal Ulos weavers . Since adolescence , she likes to listen to the story of his mother who often showed him various kinds Ulos and merits of each .

This further adds to the interest and interest on the Batak woven fabric . Ulosnya fabric collection came from various regions in Batak . The amount has now reached 320 strands . Sumatra Loom Gallery is expected to be an inspiration to lovers and activists wastra traditional industry to want to develop something similar in their respective areas .

" Indonesia needs more lovers especially wastra traditional culture , such as Torang Sitorus so that conservation efforts can work. Support of the whole society to want to build a love of traditional wastra will greatly assist this effort , " said Hatta Rajasa OSCE .

" It would be easier done if the community can get to know both traditional wastra . Museum wastra traditionally one container effective to learn to recognize the identity of traditional wastra in depth , according to the origin of each region , " he added .

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Going forward , Sumatra Loom Gallery will perform a variety of interesting activities to foster an interest and love towards wastra traditional society , particularly from Sumatra .


Gabriel Garcia Marquez Passed Away …

Nobel literature laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez , author of intoxicating fatalism fiction , fantasy , cruelty , at once heroic act , passed away on Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Garcia Marquez is one of the authors of the most respected and influential of his generation . He brings charm irritating contradiction of Latin America to the minds of millions of his readers .

The term practitioners of ” magical realism ” attached to it later . A blend fantastic elements in his ability to describe everyday life . Then , Garcia Marquez’s epic story ended on Thursday , at the age of 87 years , at his home in the south of Mexico City , Mexico .

Known to millions of people as Gabo , Garcia Marquez is the most popular Spanish -language writer after Miguel de Cervantes who lived in the 17th century . She raises her comparison with Mark Twain and Charles Dickens .

His works , such as the Chronicle of a Death foretold , Love in the Time of Cholera , and Autumn of the Patriarch selling well exceed any printed works in Spanish , in addition to the Gospel . Epic novel he wrote in 1967 , ” One Hundred Years of Solitude ” sold more than 50 million copies and been translated into more than 25 languages ​​.

Together with Norman Mailer and Tom Wolfe , Garcia Marquez is the earliest practitioners of literary nonfiction writing that became known as the ” New Journalism ” . He left a trail of journalism sastrawinya it works like Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor , which tells about the life of a sailor who survived for 10 days adrift in the ocean .

In 1994 , Garcia Marquez founded the Iberoamerican Foundation for New Journalism , which provides training and competition to improve the standard narrative and investigative journalism for journalists throughout Latin America .

Novels and works of Garcia Marquez eventually became synonymous with the picture of Latin America . Receiving the Nobel in 1982 , he described Latin America as a source of insatiable creativity , full of sorrow at the same beauty , alternately by luck . Poetry and beggars , musicians and prophets , warriors and rogues , into an uncontrollable reality .

" We must ask with a little imagination , for our crucial problem about the lack of conventional ways that can make our life more believed , " said Garcia Marquez .

Gerald Martin , the semi-official biographer Garcia Marquez , told the Associated Press that One Hundred Years of Solitude is the first novel that describes the recognition of Latin Americans themselves , define their existence , celebrating their passion , their intensity , spiritual and superstitious , and the trend them to fail .

The Royal Spanish Academy , ” referee ” language , the 40th anniversary of the publication of the novel to create a special edition . Issuance of warnings similar way , previously only occurred for one another ‘s work , the work of Cervantes Don Quijote .

Like most Latin American writer , Garcia Marquez goes beyond the world of letters . He became a hero to the Latin American left , into the early ally Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro , as well as critics of the intervention Washington to Vietnam to Chile .

For years Garcia Marquez can not get visas to visit the United States , but the leaders of countries including the United States continue to approach it . Bill Clinton and Francois Mitterand are two of the president who becomes his friend .

Garcia Marquez was born in Aracataca , a small town near the Caribbean coast of Colombia on March 6, 1927 . He was the eldest of 11 children Luisa and Gabriel Garcia Marquez Santiaga Elijio , the sender wire and wandering homeopathic pharmacist who also is the father of at least four children children outside of marriage .

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The writer who tells the facts as fiction is starting to lose memory when he entered his 80s . His latest work is Memories of My Melancholy Whores , published in 2004 . He leaves a wife and two sons .


Last Day of UN, Questions and Confused Student Answer Sheet Not Available

Implementation issues (UN ) in 2014 the last day occurs . The students answer the confusion English material . Not because the question is too difficult . However, due to the Answer Sheet Work ( LJK ) different from the booklet . If in the question paper , answer choices A through E , were at LJK only A to D.

Based on the observation AFP in Madrasah Aliyah ( MA ) Ash - Shomadiyan Tuban , an error that occurred in the first hour of the exam material , English . All questions provide answer choices A , B , C , D and E. However LJK presents only option A , B , C and D , with no option E.

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Students got confused answer , because there are some questions whose answers require option E. ” Then I report this to the supervisor and teacher father , ” said one UN participants , Amir told AFP on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The participants were then forced to take the initiative to make their own choice E . They made ​​a new circle ( the letter E ) on the right side of the circle D using a pencil . For some participants believe the answer is a matter of choice E.

However, this option is not without risk , because the corrections system in 2014 using computer Unas answer . So option E, which made ​​the participants feared the computer will not be detected .

" Fear only wrong , it is corrected to use the computer sheet . Otherwise kebaca and not pass how ? " He complained .

Meanwhile, Head of MA Ash Shomadiyah , Riza Saladin Habibie , said that the problem also occurs evenly throughout the school . It was very detrimental to the participants , as it affects the psychology students in test-taking .

" Students are very aggrieved with this printing error , because it affects the psychological condition of students , " he explained .

This has been reported to the Department of Education, Youth and Sports ( Disdikpora ) Tuban . Meanwhile , LJK which does not correspond to that question has been separated and waiting for the coordination of Disdikpora Tuban .


Education Minister Motif Search “Campaign” in the Problem Jokowi UN

JAKARTA - Minister of Education and Culture (Education ) , Mohammad Nuh , said it will record the person who made and passed about National Examination (UN ), which is a political Joko Widodo include the name of the subject matter of Indonesian .
M Noah requested time beforehand to check the truth of this matter . “If you really like it , yes become a matter of record for the maker . Therefore , give it time we will be checking it first. There are standards , give first time , ” Nuh said , Monday ( 08/14/2014 ) .

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The same thing dikatakn Head of Research and Development ( Research and Development ) Ministry of Education and Culture ( Kemendikbud ) , Furqan is revealed, it will look and study this further . He explained the UN should be neutral . ” That principle should be neutral , but I ‘ll try to see first, ” he said .
Just a note Problem High School National Exam undertaken a number of students in the regency , East Java , tucked question which contains biographies of presidential candidates from the PDI-P , which is Joko Widodo or Jokowi . This has led to allegations of a covert campaign .
Material about the entrance exams for Indonesian subjects tested on this morning . One of the points in a matter of a short biography tells the story of Joko Widodo, who is now one of the presidential candidates . The existence of such matter could be construed as advertising campaigns in the world of education that should be free from political interests .


Bank Permata to Astra Capital Injection of Rp 2.19 Trillion Federal International Finance

PT Bank Permata Tbk completed capital injections to PT Astra Federal International Finance ( ASF ) worth Rp 2.19 trillion to absorb the 237.6 million new shares issued by the finance company .

The ownership of shares representing 24.99 percent of the ASF . The source of funds used to inject capital came from the rights issue and the issuance of subordinated bonds .

ASF is one of the largest auto finance company in Indonesia in terms of assets . At the end of 2013 , ASF has total assets worth Rp 31 trillion by the network reaches 62 branch offices throughout Indonesia.

This equity investment will help promote the growth of the bank’s financing business ( joint financing ) as well as being a strategic partner in business ASF joint financing , and increase customer base .

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" We are very pleased with the completion of a capital investment in the ASF . Transaction is enhancing our scale joint-financing business and will significantly strengthen the bank’s position as one of the major players in the automotive finance industry , " said Director of Retail Banking of Bank Permata Bianto Surodjo , in a statement official , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .


Election Security Police Fall to Canyons

Police Brigadier (Brigpol) Jenarung Emanuel, a member of Police (Police) Manggarai, tasked with securing the implementation of the legislative elections (Pileg) Mbata Rana Village, District Kota Komba, East Manggarai, had an accident. His motorcycle crashed into a ravine on the road bend Golo Robo, Mbata Rana Village, Wednesday (04/09/2014) afternoon.

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However Manggarai police chief, Chief Tony Binsar, SH, S.Ik, M.Si, said eye witnesses said Eman walk in the woods and leave his motorcycle around that location. Police have not obtained information Eman motifs that act.

"The information I received is not falling off a cliff. Concerned (Eman) will push the bike had prevented his family. Bike fall," said Tony.

Head of Traffic Police Manggarai, Hairul Iptu Hidayat, said that what happened to Eman not a traffic accident.
"The information I can that this member (Eman) are likely to suffer from pain," said Hairul, Wednesday (09/04/2014) night in Ruteng.

Another statement said, Eman was given the job security legislative elections in the village of Rana Mbata, District Kota Komba, East Manggarai regency.
Some village residents mbeling Rana - Rana Mbata village neighboring villages - which join to seek Emanuel, Wednesday (04/09/2014) afternoon to evening to Pos Kupang ( Network) said, Brigpol Jenarung Emanuel, who served as election security Rana Mbata legislative Village, District of Kota Komba had an accident on the road Golo Robo.

Residents were reluctant to give his name through a short message to convey Pos Kupang, people who are looking for Emanuel just find bayonet, Mio motorcycle and helmet. Motorcycle was found in a badly damaged condition in time at a depth of approximately 300 meters from the road bends Golo Robo.
Some residents in the village of Rana mbeling contacted from Kupang to explain, Tuesday (08/04/2014) night, Emanuel and colleagues Fandi stay in Mukun. Wednesday (04/09/2014) morning mbeling Rana are both heading for Emanuel next to the village of Rana pileg Mbata for security in the village.

However, whether an accident or other cause, Emanuel is not known where, while his motorcycle was found at times to a depth of about 300 meters from the road bends Golo Robo.

When contacted again from Kupang overnight, a resident in the village of Rana mbeling - his house is quite close to the scene - say, Emanuel has not been found. Around 13:00 pm, Emanuel headed Mbata Rana village.
He said the municipal police team of East Manggarai and local residents who are looking for Emanuel off the search because of heavy rain mbeling Village area and Rana Rana Mbata from noon till night.