Last Day of UN, Questions and Confused Student Answer Sheet Not Available

Implementation issues (UN ) in 2014 the last day occurs . The students answer the confusion English material . Not because the question is too difficult . However, due to the Answer Sheet Work ( LJK ) different from the booklet . If in the question paper , answer choices A through E , were at LJK only A to D.

Based on the observation AFP in Madrasah Aliyah ( MA ) Ash - Shomadiyan Tuban , an error that occurred in the first hour of the exam material , English . All questions provide answer choices A , B , C , D and E. However LJK presents only option A , B , C and D , with no option E.

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Students got confused answer , because there are some questions whose answers require option E. ” Then I report this to the supervisor and teacher father , ” said one UN participants , Amir told AFP on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The participants were then forced to take the initiative to make their own choice E . They made ​​a new circle ( the letter E ) on the right side of the circle D using a pencil . For some participants believe the answer is a matter of choice E.

However, this option is not without risk , because the corrections system in 2014 using computer Unas answer . So option E, which made ​​the participants feared the computer will not be detected .

" Fear only wrong , it is corrected to use the computer sheet . Otherwise kebaca and not pass how ? " He complained .

Meanwhile, Head of MA Ash Shomadiyah , Riza Saladin Habibie , said that the problem also occurs evenly throughout the school . It was very detrimental to the participants , as it affects the psychology students in test-taking .

" Students are very aggrieved with this printing error , because it affects the psychological condition of students , " he explained .

This has been reported to the Department of Education, Youth and Sports ( Disdikpora ) Tuban . Meanwhile , LJK which does not correspond to that question has been separated and waiting for the coordination of Disdikpora Tuban .


Education Minister Motif Search “Campaign” in the Problem Jokowi UN

JAKARTA - Minister of Education and Culture (Education ) , Mohammad Nuh , said it will record the person who made and passed about National Examination (UN ), which is a political Joko Widodo include the name of the subject matter of Indonesian .
M Noah requested time beforehand to check the truth of this matter . “If you really like it , yes become a matter of record for the maker . Therefore , give it time we will be checking it first. There are standards , give first time , ” Nuh said , Monday ( 08/14/2014 ) .

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The same thing dikatakn Head of Research and Development ( Research and Development ) Ministry of Education and Culture ( Kemendikbud ) , Furqan is revealed, it will look and study this further . He explained the UN should be neutral . ” That principle should be neutral , but I ‘ll try to see first, ” he said .
Just a note Problem High School National Exam undertaken a number of students in the regency , East Java , tucked question which contains biographies of presidential candidates from the PDI-P , which is Joko Widodo or Jokowi . This has led to allegations of a covert campaign .
Material about the entrance exams for Indonesian subjects tested on this morning . One of the points in a matter of a short biography tells the story of Joko Widodo, who is now one of the presidential candidates . The existence of such matter could be construed as advertising campaigns in the world of education that should be free from political interests .


Bank Permata to Astra Capital Injection of Rp 2.19 Trillion Federal International Finance

PT Bank Permata Tbk completed capital injections to PT Astra Federal International Finance ( ASF ) worth Rp 2.19 trillion to absorb the 237.6 million new shares issued by the finance company .

The ownership of shares representing 24.99 percent of the ASF . The source of funds used to inject capital came from the rights issue and the issuance of subordinated bonds .

ASF is one of the largest auto finance company in Indonesia in terms of assets . At the end of 2013 , ASF has total assets worth Rp 31 trillion by the network reaches 62 branch offices throughout Indonesia.

This equity investment will help promote the growth of the bank’s financing business ( joint financing ) as well as being a strategic partner in business ASF joint financing , and increase customer base .

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" We are very pleased with the completion of a capital investment in the ASF . Transaction is enhancing our scale joint-financing business and will significantly strengthen the bank’s position as one of the major players in the automotive finance industry , " said Director of Retail Banking of Bank Permata Bianto Surodjo , in a statement official , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .


Election Security Police Fall to Canyons

Police Brigadier (Brigpol) Jenarung Emanuel, a member of Police (Police) Manggarai, tasked with securing the implementation of the legislative elections (Pileg) Mbata Rana Village, District Kota Komba, East Manggarai, had an accident. His motorcycle crashed into a ravine on the road bend Golo Robo, Mbata Rana Village, Wednesday (04/09/2014) afternoon.

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However Manggarai police chief, Chief Tony Binsar, SH, S.Ik, M.Si, said eye witnesses said Eman walk in the woods and leave his motorcycle around that location. Police have not obtained information Eman motifs that act.

"The information I received is not falling off a cliff. Concerned (Eman) will push the bike had prevented his family. Bike fall," said Tony.

Head of Traffic Police Manggarai, Hairul Iptu Hidayat, said that what happened to Eman not a traffic accident.
"The information I can that this member (Eman) are likely to suffer from pain," said Hairul, Wednesday (09/04/2014) night in Ruteng.

Another statement said, Eman was given the job security legislative elections in the village of Rana Mbata, District Kota Komba, East Manggarai regency.
Some village residents mbeling Rana - Rana Mbata village neighboring villages - which join to seek Emanuel, Wednesday (04/09/2014) afternoon to evening to Pos Kupang ( Network) said, Brigpol Jenarung Emanuel, who served as election security Rana Mbata legislative Village, District of Kota Komba had an accident on the road Golo Robo.

Residents were reluctant to give his name through a short message to convey Pos Kupang, people who are looking for Emanuel just find bayonet, Mio motorcycle and helmet. Motorcycle was found in a badly damaged condition in time at a depth of approximately 300 meters from the road bends Golo Robo.
Some residents in the village of Rana mbeling contacted from Kupang to explain, Tuesday (08/04/2014) night, Emanuel and colleagues Fandi stay in Mukun. Wednesday (04/09/2014) morning mbeling Rana are both heading for Emanuel next to the village of Rana pileg Mbata for security in the village.

However, whether an accident or other cause, Emanuel is not known where, while his motorcycle was found at times to a depth of about 300 meters from the road bends Golo Robo.

When contacted again from Kupang overnight, a resident in the village of Rana mbeling - his house is quite close to the scene - say, Emanuel has not been found. Around 13:00 pm, Emanuel headed Mbata Rana village.
He said the municipal police team of East Manggarai and local residents who are looking for Emanuel off the search because of heavy rain mbeling Village area and Rana Rana Mbata from noon till night.


Create Corning and Atmel Capacitive Touch Screen Super Thin

Competition thin screen at a premium smart phones today are increasingly tight , trigger Corning Incorporated to establish partnerships with semiconductor company Atmel Corporation , in developing capacitive touch screen super thin .

This collaboration combines Atmel touch sensor XSense with sturdy Corning Gorilla Glass coating measuring 0.4 mm , thus providing the best performance through the thin cover , either flat or curved . Although thin and light , multi - touch panel is also claimed to be very strong against impact . The toughness of Gorilla Glass undoubtedly . The clear glass became famous after being used for the Apple iPad , and has now mushroomed in various portable electronic devices .

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" The toughness of Gorilla Glass 0.4 mm , coupled with outstanding touch performance and flexibility XSense allow consumers experience the most attractive on the market today , " said James Nagel , division vice president , Program Development , Corning Specialty Materials.

XSense unique circuit design also provides more viewing area - optimal on -screen . Thus enabling vendors to make mobile handsets , tablets , notebooks , and other devices with multi - touch slimmer , lighter , and more contemporary touch interface without sacrificing form or performance .

The prototype device is already using the latest technology of the two will be on display at Computex Taipei in Taiwan , on May 3-7 June.


Gas SKK case, determine the status of his case Sutan

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK) to ensure Commission will determine the status of Chairman of Sutan Bhaotegana VII , switching from a witness becomes a suspect in the alleged bribery in the oil and gas SKK , specified in his case ( ekpose ) .

KPK chairman Abraham Samad said the alleged receipt of money either holiday allowance ( THR ) as well as tribute USD200.000 worth USD190.000 that appears in the trial of former Chief Oil and Gas SKK Rudi Rubiandini , Deviardi aka ( Ardi ) , and Commissioner Kernel Oil Private Limited ( KOPL ) Indonesia Gunawan Tanjaya Simon is the fact that increasingly make the light .

But the fact that the name Sutan Bhatoegana dragging it still should be explored further . Therefore to this day , there has been no warrant investigation ( sprindik ) for the Democratic Party politician .

" No ( sprindik Sutan ) . Due next week we want to expose clicking again , " said Abraham in the District number Pulogadung , East Jakarta , on Wednesday ( 09.04.14 ) .

Therefore , the founder of the Anti Corruption Commission ( ACC ) Makassar claimed not want to speculate further . Facts and evidence presented the Public Prosecutor ( Prosecutor) and the Commission in demand Rudi Ardi , Tuesday, April 8, 2014 , will be assessed by the judges.

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Includes a matter of fact gathering , Sutan Bhatogana , pengambilanh money USD140.000 by staff Sutan , Iriyanto Muhyi of the General Secretariat ( Secretariat ) EMR from Rudi , and other facts will still be explored . Then verified and validated by investigators finding evidence . ” So still be explored , ” he said .

Gas SKK case , Rudi demanded 10 years in prison


Australian PM: No Limit Time Finding MH370

Towards the end of March , a physical search on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 no avail . Although it has been found many objects caught allegedly satellite imagery of the wreckage .

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Nevertheless, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott - who first announced there was a satellite image of debris allegedly MH370 in Aquatic Perth , Australia - said the search will continue to be done , especially for a team from the land of kangaroos .

PM Abbott stated , there is no time limit to ’ hunt ’ Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 aircraft , which has been missing for more than 3 weeks in the Indian Ocean with 239 people on board .

" I certainly would not put a time limit on it . We can keep searching for some time to come , and we will continue to look for some time to come , " said Prime Minister Abbott at Pearce air base in Perth , Monday ( 31/3 / 2014 ) , quoted by Reuters .

" Our search intensity and size of the operation increased , not decreased , " he added .

A total of 20 aircraft and ships will explore remote ocean off the southwest coast of Australia , on Monday . In search of a Boeing 777-200 ER missing on March 8 with 227 passengers and 12 crew .

Previously , in an official statement the Australian Maritime Safety Agency ( AMSA ) , as quoted of The Star , Sunday, March 30 , disclosed that the Chinese vessel Haixun 01 and the Australian Navy Ship HMAS successfully raised a number of objects from the Indian Ocean .

For the first time , the object of the search team took the Indian Ocean .

However , in the statement mentioned that there have been no confirmed objects associated with MH370 aircraft . Some of the objects are garbage from ships associated MH370 . Therefore , the search process will be continued aircraft debris .

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On Saturday, March 29th yesterday , a search is performed in a point covering 252,000 km west Perth , Australia . A number of ships and sophisticated equipment deployed from various countries . Includes robot diver to find the black box revealed the United States .

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Hewan Langka nasional ditargetkan oleh pedagang ilegal

Salah satu burung paling langka di dunia telah menjadi target dari para pedagang ilegal setelah itu dinyatakan sebagai spesies langka nasional di Indonesia , menemukan sebuah laporan baru yang diterbitkan dalam edisi terbaru dari Oryx - International Journal of Conservation .

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Pada tahun 1993, Elang Jawa , spesies terancam punah , dinyatakan Langka / Hewan Berharga Nasional Indonesia oleh mantan Presiden Soeharto . Sebelum ini , para pedagang tidak mengakui Elang Jawa berbeda dari elang besar lainnya dan hanya sedikit yang diperdagangkan . Namun, setelah deklarasi - ukuran dimaksudkan untuk melindungi Elang Jawa sebagai lambang - kebutuhan nasional untuk elang melonjak .

" Studi kami menunjukkan bahwa menyoroti penderitaan Elang Jawa dan menjadikannya sebagai ikon bagi satwa liar di Indonesia sebenarnya telah menjadi alasan utama di balik peningkatan perdagangan ilegal , " jelas Chris R Shepherd , Senior Program Officer untuk TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara , dan co - penulis laporan ini .

Di Indonesia , permintaan tak terpuaskan untuk burung sebagai hewan peliharaan menyebabkan puluhan ribu burung liar yang diperdagangkan setiap hari di pasar burung yang dapat ditemukan di hampir setiap kota besar , dan meskipun semua burung pemangsa dilindungi oleh hukum Indonesia , tidak jarang untuk melihat elang ditawarkan untuk dijual . Dalam 20 tahun terakhir , sekitar 70 Javan Hawk- elang telah dicatat dalam perdagangan , mayoritas dari mereka dalam beberapa tahun terakhir .

Bunga di Elang Jawa menyebabkan permintaan untuk burung-burung di kebun binatang dan koleksi pribadi , dengan bukti elang yang diselundupkan ke luar negeri . Spesies ini tidak pernah dibesarkan di penangkaran . Menurut BirdLife International , populasi dunia diperkirakan hanya 600-900 individu .

"Melalui pemantauan surat kabar Indonesia , website dan forum internet , kami menemukan bukti setidaknya empat Javan Hawk- elang yang disimpan sebagai hewan peliharaan atau ditawarkan untuk dijual pada tahun 2008 , semuanya harus berasal dari alam liar , " kata laporan co - author Vincent Nijman dari Oxford Brookes University .

Dua burung itu kemudian disita dan dilepaskan ke dalam hutan dari Jawa Barat , tetapi tidak diketahui berapa banyak lagi elang - elang yang masih ilegal disimpan sebagai binatang peliharaan .

Temuan penulis memperkuat orang-orang dari sebuah penelitian yang diterbitkan bulan lalu oleh Courchamp di Proceedings of the Royal Society , yang menemukan nilai orang meningkat mengasosiasikan dengan spesies langka meningkatkan insentif ekonomi untuk mengeksploitasi tersisa individu terakhir.

" Menyoroti penderitaan spesies terancam untuk membantu melestarikannya disertai dengan bahaya memiliki efek sebaliknya , " kata Shepherd .

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" Meningkatkan profil dan kesadaran satwa liar yang terancam perlu pergi tangan - di-tangan dengan pelaksanaan dan penegakan hukum untuk melindungi spesies yang bersangkutan efektif " .

" Pemerintah Indonesia , bekerja sama dengan LSM , memiliki kesempatan untuk memastikan populasi Elang Jawa - elang tidak terancam lagi . "

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Eating strawberries, tasty way lower cholesterol

Strawberry fruit is one of the most easily processed into various foods . In addition to having good taste , the fruit turns out to have many benefits to enhance your body’s health . One of them is capable of lowering cholesterol . (see also: pakan burung)

A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry showed that people who regularly eat strawberries for a month , cholesterol levels in the body decline .

" A high content of antioxidants such as vitamin C in it is able to absorb free radicals in the body . Additionally vegetable pigments in it that anthocyanins are meritorious to give the red color in strawberries are also able to keep you from cardiovascular disease , one of which is cholesterol , "said Maurizio Battino , one of the researchers .

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The team also confirmed that the strawberries will strengthen red blood cells and increases oxygen in the blood . Even another study published in the journal Food Chemistry, shows that eating strawberries regularly will improve the health of erythrocytes and mononuclear cells .

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